Hi I’m Matt,

I’m a naturally curious person who likes to stay up to date with the latest technologies. In my spare time I am an amateur wine lover (but am poor at describing flavours!), and enjoy taking my bike out for long rides around Montreal.

For the past ~9 years I’ve been building the technical side of VuWall from being just myself and the owner, to being an international enterprise with over 40 employees. We have video wall installations in over 45 countries, with clients like NASA, Google, and FIFA.

I’ve most enjoyed mentoring junior developers and internships, and encouraging them to attend meetups/hackathons or achieve certifications. I also started an initiative to deliver Lunch & Learns to the team about technical subjects we were working on (in my case, transitioning from G Suite to Microsoft Teams, and how self-signed HTTPS/SSL certificates work) and encouraged them to deliver their own.

I also had the opportunity to work closely with the sales team and forged lasting customer relationships that earned us millions of dollars in recurring revenue. For more information on my past, I invite you to view my resume.

I believe my experience lends well to bridging the gap between technical and administrative/managerial teams. I enjoy understanding problems and teams and delivering them efficient solutions to increase overall satisfaction. I’d like to help root out inefficiencies and deliver elegant solutions to improve performance and increase ROI.

My previous work, and my own interest, has afforded me a deep knowledge of video and audio hardware and codecs, as well as their installation and configuration. As a film and graphics buff, I’d be very interested to work in the film industry or anywhere were visualization applications are necessary. I would love to spec and manage render farms, data centers, and/or video editing workflows. A dream of mine is to get my name in the credits of a movie or TV show!

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me